This 34-acre campus supports staff and crew responsible for road maintenance services throughout the County. It also incorporates educational opportunities, aimed at helping citizens better understand how their tax dollars support the County's road system.

With a philosophy of transparency and efficiency, Pierce County sought to create a road operations center to replace its aged, decentralized shop facilities, while providing optimum return on taxpayer investment. Following an extensive site selection process, TCF led a multi-disciplinary consulting team in programming and designing the buildings and site to achieve a sustainable, flexible, high-efficiency campus with expansion capability.

The Central Maintenance Facility (CMF) site, contains a primary administration building housing a customer service lobby, administrative and engineering offices, crew spaces; semi-heated and covered storage buildings; a fuel & wash facility; salt and sand storage; and brine-making and decanting areas. The campus was designed to optimize workflow, safety, communication, interaction, and visibility.

TCF’s Team diligently controlled costs as the design progressed, including the evaluation of life-cycle costs for major project components such as superstructure; mechanical; and paving systems, enabling the County to make informed choices about first cost vs. long-term cost and longevity. The resulting facility design has produced nearly 6% in productivity savings over the previous decentralized road shop system, as operations and day-to-day activities are stream-lined through system organization, operational adjacencies, and ample space for work tasks.