A unique partnership between the Port of Tacoma and Tacoma Public Schools (TPS) is the driving force behind new development underway on the east side of Tacoma's Thea Foss Waterway.

The Port of Tacoma—whose location has long been hidden in the Tideflats—desires to relocate main administrative functions to a more visible spot in the City. Tacoma Public Schools seeks to build a Skills Center focused on maritime trades and workforce development. These two projects are being designed as partners co-located on a Downtown-facing site. This will invigorate a vacant piece of industrial land while filling in an important segment of the East Foss Esplanade, a long-term vision that will provide pedestrian access along both west and east sides of the Foss.

Port Business Center:

The Port’s Business Center will be a 60,000 SF, 3-story building to house varied administrative functions, as well as Port Commission chambers and two large public meeting rooms.

Maritime Skills Center:

Tacoma Public Schools’ Maritime Skills Center is envisioned as a 35,000 SF, 2-story structure, with instructional spaces for marine technology, marine sustainability, welding and vessel simulation.

Both buildings will be enveloped by a public plaza and event spaces, while providing access to the water via a pocket beach and deep water dock.