Mount Vernon High School's "Old Main" has been modernized for a new generation.

Mount Vernon High School showcases more than just successful modernization; it’s a testament to embracing the potential of historic buildings, fostering campus connections, and rebuilding community trust. Union High School, established in 1922 through a collaboration of 14 districts in Mount Vernon, WA, underwent gradual changes over the 20th century.

In 2018, TCF Architecture took on the renovation of the main building, “Old Main,” with Lydig as GC/CM, following extensive consultations with stakeholders. The comprehensive approach included transforming the old gym into an administration building, creating a campus courtyard, and fully renovating Old Main, resulting in a renewed gateway to campus. Meticulous budget management allowed for a scope that exceeded expectations, delivering not only a high-quality renovation but also a premier venue for entertainment. These improvements symbolize a fresh start for the school, blending past and present while ensuring a legacy of strength and pride for future generations.