Co-location and operational efficiencies gained through the site and building design are producing significant economic benefits and interdepartmental cooperation at "STOP".

Facing substantial decisions regarding the future of their facilities, the Sewer Collections and Traffic Operations Divisions of Pierce County Public Works & Utilities worked with TCF to analyze maintenance deployment options, determine programmatic needs, assess existing conditions, and identify potential site alternatives. Seemingly unlikely partners at first, many areas of compatibility were discovered through participation in a series of program and concept design workshops. Now centrally-located within their service areas, these divisions are positioned to provide efficient deployment capability for a minimum of fifty years.

The new Sewer and Transportation Operations (STOP) base supports County maintenance operations for sewer collections, traffic signals, signage, striping, and equipment maintenance.  The array of functions within this 27-acre campus includes administrative spaces; meeting facilities; private and open offices; and crew spaces including dispatch, locker, laundry, and showers. Maintenance functions include signal and electronic shops; sign, fabrication, paint and carpentry shops; vehicle maintenance shops; a centralized warehouse; and fuel & wash facilities.

The County has occupied this facility since early 2015. Within the first few months of operation, the benefits of co-location and captured efficiencies became evident, as staff and crews are demonstrated higher productivity and elevated professionalism.