Responding to a complex program of space needs and military standards and requirements, the CSMS facility meets the challenge of creating a humanized, ordered, and efficient work environment for the maintenance of heavy military equipment.

Working with many diverse user groups, each with specialized maintenance duties, the TCF Team navigated the complex National Guard Bureau’s design standards to develop a distinctive facility to serve our military for the next 50 plus years. The 4-building facility, which achieved LEED Silver, is home to over 100 military and civilian staff maintaining military vehicles and a diverse array of specialty military equipment for the Washington State Army National Guard (WAANG). ┬áThe main building, constructed primarily of steel and CMU, is configured as a double-T form supporting an array of administrative and staff program spaces, specialty workshops, a supply warehouse, a gun range and more. Flanking high bay wings intersect the main building mass accommodating heavy maintenance bays. The 27-acre campus also incorporates two open canopy structures for the firefinder radar vehicle, equipment washing, and parking and containment for fueling trucks, along with two enclosed structures for controlled waste/hazardous material storage.