Purposeful design and thoughtful detailing create an authentic Bavarian experience

Leavenworth was a dying town during the 1950s after the area’s logging trade waned. To combat this downturn, the small mountain community pulled together to identify ways they might shift their economy toward tourism and commerce. They recognized the similarity of the surrounding terrain to the European Alps, so residents decided to act on a plan to rebrand and renovate their town to create Washington’s own Bavarian experience.

The story of its smashing success continues to develop. Visitors flood Leavenworth year-round to attend festivals and take in the magic of the environment. With this growth, the need for public transportation has escalated. LINK Transit of Chelan and Douglas Counties is expanding services to include a new park-and-ride adjacent to Leavenworth’s downtown core.

The brief from LINK Transit required two open-air bus shelters and a driver support building (“comfort station”) with public restrooms. Extensive research was undertaken to meet the City’s rigorous design standards. The design team was committed to authenticity in developing proportions, detailing, and refinements to emulate Bavarian architecture, especially at the exterior. Inside, the aesthetic of the comfort station is a more contemporary iteration of Alpine design.

The project solution provides LINK Transit’s passengers and staff with functional, comfortable amenities while contributing toward the fabric of its unique setting.