We call it the "Town of Madison" as it is very much a neighborhood for kids.

A second new school for the Mount Vernon School District replaces the former Madison Elementary. 

Containing a Gym, Theater, Restaurant (cafeteria) and Library, the new Madison shares many similarities with a small town.  Major program areas are supplemented with nooks and small gathering spaces to offer a variety of places for students to feel comfortable and safe, helping the primary focus to be learning. The design embraces the diversity of the Madison community,  celebrating its multicultural and bilingual heritage through the use of bold color accents, signage, and graphics.

The contemporary design is vibrant and bright, utilizing a subtle palate punctuated by bold accents. Exterior features are brought inside as a strategy to make rooms feel more like buildings on a street.  In the same way, Madison establishes its own “urban environment” internally, the design respectfully defines its role externally by making a strong visual contribution toward the neighborhood fabric.